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Los Altos Professional Headshots

You're going to look good.

Silicon Valley's Premier Headshot Photographer.

Los Altos Professional Headshots

Every picture tells a story.

Scanning through LinkedIn, you’ll see a host of bad photos people use in place of a professional headshot. You’ll see a lot of bathroom selfies or snapshots with people cropped out of the frame. Sometimes the person is so tiny you can’t even see them.

Headshots like those don’t communicate the strength of character, drive, and commitment needed to advance your career. Instead, they display carelessness, lack of professionalism, and low self-esteem.

I’ll teach you the tricks, and give you the one-on-one coaching you need to project the right balance of confidence and approachability to suit your career goals in your headshots. And we’ll have fun doing it, too.

You shouldn’t have to settle for bad headshots.

I’m here to help you get great headshots that will make a difference in your career. I’ll lead you through the process from start to finish with patience, compassion and good humor.

The relaxed atmosphere of my studio will help you unwind while I coach you through your headshot session. My team and I treat our customers with compassion while giving you the best headshots you’ve ever had, along with the dignified experience you portraits

I make the time to help my clients select their headshots. 

Due to information overload, selecting photos is the hardest part of any photo shoot. I’ve been doing it for 35 years and am very good at it. 

You’re in control.
I’ll offer my unbiased opinion and professional interpretation of any photo if you want.

Working together, we can narrow your choices from 50+/- great headshots to the 8-12 absolute best in about 15-20 minutes.

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