“Thanks Dean!Really appreciate you making this a delightful experience.”

-Chris Edgette

“Dean knows how to bring out the best in you.”

-Cabe Thompson

You’re going to look good.

Personal Headshots Price


“Thanks Dean! Really appreciate you making this a delightful experience.

-Chris Edgette

“Dean knows how to bring out the best in you.”

-Cabe Thompson

Professional Headshots Price

I’ll guide you through your shoot, showing you as an assertive, charming professional at the top of your game.

You’re going to look good.

Behind the scenes with Dean

Unlimited Time:
We won’t take longer than we need, but you won’t be rushed out the door with a second best headshot.

Unlimited Outfits:
We’ll try a few different looks and decide which is best once we see them “in camera.”


A woman's selfie headshot


A woman's professional headshot

I’ll guide you through your photo shoot, showing you as an assertive, charming professional at the top of your game.

$300 individual session fee + $150 per photo you select.

Have questions?


What should I wear in my headshots? 

I suggest you bring in a few different choices of shirts & jackets. Open collar shirts, and turtle necks look great under a leather jacket or a blazer, as does a good quality t-shirt. Bring your favorite outfits, and I’ll help you choose the best ones for your photos 

Can I reschedule my appointment?

I understand that plans can change rapidly sometimes. I’d rather reschedule your session than have you be flustered, or in a rush to leave. I have a 48-hour rescheduling policy; if you reschedule with two days’ notice, there’s no problem and no charge. If you need to reschedule at the last minute–less than 48 hours’ notice–there is a $100 rescheduling fee.

Should I hire a makeup artist? 

I have a great in-house makeup artist who does both hair and makeup and a few others I can call in if needed.  However, you don’t need to hire a makeup artist. Most women can do a fine job on their makeup. Go light on your makeup and bring your things with you. I’ll help you tune your look for the camera.

Do you work on location? 

I love working on location. Shooting in your home or office is an excellent idea because it helps bring out your personality and gives your headshots greater context. I have a $500 minimum fee for location shoots. Please book a Zoom so we can talk over your ideas.

Can I have all of the images? 

I usually shoot 100 to 150 images per session and help my customers narrow their choices to the best 12 to 20 shots by offering my insights and a professional critique of any photograph. If you want all the images we shoot, I’m happy for you to do a buyout for $1000. In this case retouching is $50 per image.

Are the images retouched? 

At the end of your session, we’ll talk about retouching your photos privately. I use a “light hand” when retouching. I will remove stray hairs, shaving cuts & blemishes while I “soften the years.” About a week after your session, you’ll have great photos to share, showing you at your best.

Do you do outdoor headshots? 

I feel shooting outdoors is bad because hair becomes messy, the lighting is uncontrollable, and most natural backgrounds are distracting. I’m happy to step outside with you for a few shots to ensure you get what you want, but most of our work will be done in the studio or indoors. Your session won’t be rescheduled for the weather.

Can you replace the background? 

AI is making it easier to change backgrounds, but the photo still needs to be done right. However, I’m a photographer, not a digital tech, so I will always work to create the photograph we need in camera rather than fix it in post. If this is a service you need, please talk to me before you book your appointment so we can be prepared to succeed.

Can you match an existing shot? 

I’m happy to match your existing brand or recreate something you saw in a magazine or online. Some of my most exciting photos have started with a Pinterest board full of ideas. Text me or send an email and let’s talk and share ideas. It’ll be fun.

Will you send me a proof gallery? 

Some people prefer to get a lot of input before choosing their photos. I feel it’s a bad idea because it’s a textbook example of too many cooks spoiling the broth. I offer my professional opinion and an objective critique to help you choose your photos. If you want outside help, you can do the image buyout and decide which photos to work with later.

The calculator on the next page will give you an estimate for your headshots. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to answer your questions and give you a quote.

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