You're going to look good.

Project Confidence
Display Approachability
Get the Best Offers

Sunnyvale Professional Headshots

You're going to look good.

Project Confidence
Display Approachability
Get the Best Offers

Sunnyvale Professional Headshots

Every picture tells a story.

Today many of our first interactions with the decision-makers we need to influence are online, which means that your headshots play a significant role in creating others’ first impressions of you. Studies show that people form durable first impressions about us in less than one second the first time they see us, whether in person or in a photograph.

If you want to advance in your career, confidence and approachability are the most important things to show in your headshot.

I’ll help you influence the decision-makers important to your success by showing that you’re strong on the soft skills and the hard skills documented on your resume. 

What makes my headshots stand out?

I know it’s not easy being photographed. I’ve been there. I’ll guide you through your photo shoot with patience, compassion, and good humor.

You’ll benefit from my advertising, marketing, and branding expertise to help set the stage for your next career move. And we’ll have fun doing it.

I’ll help you choose the best outfits and jewelry to be photographed in by explaining the advantages of each option from the camera’s perspective. 

You’ll learn how to be photographed.

Being photographed well is a skill. The celebrities you see on the magazine covers have all been taught how to address the camera, and it shows.

I’ll give you this same training and coach you as you practice and perfect your camera skills.

The most difficult part of a photo shoot is selecting the final photos. It’s hard to be objective when it’s your face on the screen. I make it easy for you to choose the best headshots by sharing a professional critique of any photo. You’ll be able to make well-informed decisions about which photos you want to buy free of bias, preconception, or emotional reasoning.

You may ask, “why do I need a professional headshot ?”

In today’s online world, your headshot makes your first impression on the decision-makers influencing your success. Good business portraits help you build trust by showing people that you care enough to make your best showing. Bad headshots will undermine your credibility.

Your professional headshot is as important as your handshake in today’s world.

You may never meet your customers, collaborators, and contractors in person, your headshots have replaced the power of yesterday’s handshake.

To make a good first impression on others here in the US, we are taught to look people squarely in the eye, reach out to them assertively and shake their hands with a firm grip when we first meet them. By addressing others with confidence and respect while communicating our honorable intentions we leave a powerful, positive impression.

Every picture tells a story.

With so many of our first interactions with our associates being online, our headshots play a major role in creating others’ first impressions of us. Studies show that people form first impressions about us the first time they see us, whether in person or in a photograph.

Scanning through LinkedIn, you’ll see a host of bad photos people use in place of a headshot. You’ll also see a lot of bathroom selfies or snapshots with people cropped out of the frame. 

Photographs like these don’t communicate the strength of character, drive, and commitment needed to advance your career. Instead, they display carelessness, lack of professionalism, and low self-esteem.

These days, professional relationships typically begin through online contact. That means your online photographs reflect the traits others seek in a professional: success, trustworthiness, and high self-esteem. A great headshot showing you as a confident and approachable professional creates the first impression you want and need to get the best offers.

So, leave the bathroom selfie on Instagram. Use an killer headshot created by a professional who works with you to make you look your best. 

I make the time to help my clients select their headshots. 

Due to information overload, selecting photos is the hardest part of any photo shoot. I’ve been doing it for 35 years and am very good at it. 

You’re in control.
I’ll offer my unbiased opinion and professional interpretation of any photo if you want.

Working together, we can narrow your choices from 50+/- great headshots to the 8-12 absolute best in about 15-20 minutes.

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