A man's ERAS headshot
“Working with Dean was a blast! He made me feel comfortable and showed great attention to detail.”
-Alex Chung

“Working with Dean was a blast! He made me feel comfortable and showed great attention to detail. “

-Alex Chung

“I felt comfortable with Dean and had a great time.”

-Alex Chung

You’re going to


Your ERAS headshot is the most important photo you’ll ever take.

I’ll help you project your personality, charm, and enthusiasm.

ERAS Headshots Palo Alto

I know how hard it can be to be photographed.

It’s hard to be yourself in front of the camera. When faced with the bright lights and that big lens, even experienced actors have a hard time letting their authentic selves show.

I’ll use my compassion, patience and good humor to help you look sharp, calm, and confident in your ERAS headshots.

Dean coaching Alex through his photo shoot.

You’re going to look good.

Bring a wide variety of shirts, jackets, and ties. I’ll help you choose the perfect ensemble.

There are no restrictions on taking ERAS-specific shots exclusively. We can shoot portraits, social media profile pictures, and dating profile images.

Bring along a range of attire, such as scrubs, white coats, stethoscopes, business casual clothing, and props relevant to your specialty.


“I love my headshots and highly recommend Dean. Instead of taking a high volume of random shots, Dean takes limited number of moments and makes them count. The vibe during the photoshoot was very good.”


Being photographed well is a skill.

Celebrities and politicians are taught how to be photographed well. I’ll give you this same training.

Once you see how good you look with the right coaching, your confidence, charm and enthusiasm will come through in your headshots.

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Dean Birinyi, photographer, having fun being photographed for his professional headshot.

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