Interior Design Photography is My First Love

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Professional Interior Design Photography Portfolio

Interiors Photography is My First Love.

Professional headshots is my passion, now.

Professional Interior Design Photography Portfolio

My background as an interior photographer in San Francisco.

I began my career photographing babies in K-mart department stores. I soon decided to specialize in interior photography because it was more glamorous and challenging.

I started my career in Denver, building custom furniture to-the-trade. I became a photographer in ‘86 and soon found a talent for capturing the mood, tone, and emotional character of interior design in photographs.

For over three decades, I worked with interior designers and architects, photographing spectacular homes, offices, banks, hospitals, schools, libraries, and everything in between.

I love working to capture and share the designer’s intent in their design concept and helping them showcase the artistry of their work.

The most challenging projects I ever had were with The Closet Factory in Denver, CO. Sometimes, they would have me photograph closets the size of large kitchens; other times, they were little more than broom closets.

The most absurd project I ever photographed was a hole in the ground underneath a townhouse. It was quite a technical feat for the contractor to have accomplished, but it was just a hole in the ground.

The project I enjoyed photographing most was a home in Portola Valley designed by Risë Krag of RKI Interior Design. Risë is a great designer with more talent, taste, and experience than anyone I know. It was a 6000 sqft home that looked out onto Arastradero Nature Preserve. Every space in the house, from the dance floor to the main bedroom closet, had a comfortable and elegant feel.

I make the time to help my clients select their headshots. 

Due to information overload, selecting photos is the hardest part of any photo shoot. I’ve been doing it for 35 years and am very good at it. 

You’re in control.
I’ll offer my unbiased opinion and professional interpretation of any photo if you want.

Working together, we can narrow your choices from 50+/- great headshots to the 8-12 absolute best in about 15-20 minutes.

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