“Thank you again for being really good at what you do!”

-Mustafa Hajij

“Thank you again for being really good at what you do!”

-Mustafa Hajij


“Thank you again for being really good at what you do!”

-Mustafa Hajij



At Dean Birinyi Photography we help our customers share the best of themselves with the decision-makers in their lives. Our success is measured by how well we communicate our client’s vision of who they are and how they want to be seen.


My team and I believe that everyone has a measure of greatness within them. Our mandate is to give each person the leadership they need to project that greatness through the camera.


We are Emotionally Supportive
My team and I take the time to listen and understand our customers and give each person the support they need to express their needs and wants.

Commitment to Excellence
My team and I strive to perform at our personal best at all times.

We Act with Patience & Understanding
My team and I ensure our customers are well-informed and give them the time they need to consider their options and make good decisions.

We Love our Jobs
My team and I enjoy what we do and this makes being photographed by us a fun and exciting experience that will be talked about and remembered fondly.

We Speak with Honesty and Integrity
My team and I speak only the truth with kindness and compassion. We explain the reasons for our recommendations and allow our customers to make the final decisions.

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